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Employment that pays a livable wage and provides appropriate benefits and security is the long-term aim of self-sufficiency programs. Information in the Employment section of the SSRC includes a focus on job development, occupational training, career pathway approaches, sectoral employment focuses, transitional jobs, and subsidized employment designed to attach low-income workers to the labor force. Materials related to meeting the TANF Work Participation rate are cross-listed in Employment and TANF Policy.

View recommendations from the SSRC Librarian on Employment and relevant Federal laws and regulations below. 


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Research on employment for low-income individuals often explores barriers to employment, labor force attachment, subsidized employment/transitional jobs programs, and unemployment insurance. Click the phrases below to view selected research and resources relevant to each topic and self-sufficiency.

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Federal laws and regulations establish a framework which guides the design and administration of employment programs for low-income individuals. Click the first link below to view legislative and regulatory resources specific to employment programs. Click the second link to browse additional self-sufficiency legislation and policy in the SSRC library.